Custom Cutters Tree Service
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Create a safe and inviting lawn for your family!

Don't let tree stumps leave you stumped!

Remove unwanted and dangerous stumps from your lawn:

After removing trees from your lawn, ugly stumps can leave a hazard for your family.

Work with Custom Cutters Tree Service for all your stump grinding and removing needs.


If you are building your dream home, let our certified specialists clear your purchased land quickly and easily.


Save any removed wood for your in-home fireplace. Let us salvage your unwanted trees and stumps into usable firewood!

- Stump grinding

- Stump removal

- Firewood

- Land clearing

If a storm has recently ruined your property, let us remove any fallen trees and unwanted stumps with 24-hour emergency services.




Call us today for a FREE estimate on all our stump grinding services.


Stump Grinding